How to Run Successful Facebook Ads for a Penny

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We figure it’s best to give out these secrets since many “Gurus” and “Coaches” refuse to share HOW they actually set up ads or they make you pay $10,000+ to see them do it. Well here’s our $.02… or in this case $.01, on how to run successful Facebook Ads for a penny.

Here’s the 3 needs we met before starting the ad

1. Content: Video

We shot this footage at the Bull Shoals Dam in Arkansas at the James A. Gaston Visitor’s Center we stopped by when traveling this summer. We decided to turn it into a 1-minute promotional video ad for The State Parks of Arkansas and to add to our collection of video content we create through CavittMedia.

2. Copy

To keep the ad from sounding like an ad we decided to go with this verbiage: “Shot a little video when we were in Arkansas at the Bull Shoals Dam Visitor Center and Museum. This is one of the many beautiful places of The State Parks of Arkansas.”

3. Target

Since it was the summer and we noticed a lot of families out at the Dam and Visitor Center we knew exactly our target: Everyone age 18 to 65+

How we set up the ad

Here are all the details we used to set up this ad:

> Engagements
> 3 Days (Thur-Sat)
> Budget: $30
> Location: Arkansas
> Ages: 10-65+
> Men & Women
> Interest: The State Parks of Arkansas

Potential Reach is 45,000

We then added a Learn More call-to-action button, which at the time, linked to a blog post where the video was hosted. We set up that CTA to see how many people would click through to generate traffic on the website/blog.

After 3 days the final results are in

> 8,800 Reach
> 4,800 Video Views
> 362 Reactions
> 33 Learn More Link clicks
> $.01 Cost Per Result

By having the right content, copy and target YOU can run successful Facebook Ads for a penny too. We have used these steps multiple times with different video content and have gotten the same results.

We hope this is a helpful example for you to get the most out of your advertising campaigns.

If you are interested in our Social Media Advertising services contact us today.